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Remembering Earl

May 28, 2012

Earl -- may he rest in peace

Earl the Red Rooster stood an impressive 28″ high from spur to comb, and about 18 months old.
What a handsome Road Island Red Rooster.

He spent his days escorting the girls (hens) around the farm, standing watch as they scratched, laid eggs and took afternoon dust baths.

Two days ago peace on the farm was interrupted by a Red Fox looking to snatch a chicken snack. Earl did his job,  he chased the fox away from the flock, although he lost his life — he won the battle.

The hens are fine.  I have two hens setting , they have been on chick watch for a week, three weeks to go.
Earl Junior?

Folk School was fun

April 27, 2012

my ponies will love living here, so will I

I had a life altering week.

We laughed and stayed up late.  We talked with new friends.  We ate so much wonderful food.  We transferred images, rusted things, glued and painted … and more.

When can I go again?

I am dangerous …

January 23, 2012

The last time I enjoyed body painting was at the Rennaisance Festival with my girls and a friend in the 1990's. Why don't I do this more often?

I now have a blog.
I do not type as fast as I think, so we’ll see how this goes!

I can, however, I have a funky wardrobe and a Nikon, and I can ride a horse and cook as well as Blogger Extraordinaire, Ree Drummond (

Now, where did I put my Marlboro Man?